Ronan Smith - Design & Development

Hey, I'm Ronan Smith!

Most just call me Ro, I’m an interdisciplinary multimedia developer from the United Kingdom, I design and develop interactive games, desktop applications, static websites, and much more.

As an independent developer working primarily on my own solo projects, I focus mainly on desktop application and videogame development, however, I have also gained experience within a wide range of other technical and creative disciplines. Also, In addition to these disciplines, I am able to utilise a variety of programming and mark-up languages as well as a multitude of software packages in order to achieve a polished result.

While I have learnt a great deal from my academic studies, many of my skills and proficiencies are self-taught. I am eager to continue developing my skills and increasing my knowledge of technologies further.

You can learn more about me or get updates on my latest projects via my various social media accounts, my Twitter is usually the best place to contact me and stay updated. Additionally, you may also find examples of my work through my YouTube and pages. For a more formal insight, check out my LinkedIn social profile.

I am always looking to further develop my skills or work with others on interesting and engaging projects, if you have a project I might be interested in then let me know!